及服務式辦公室等。除這些基本範疇外,亦提供各式各樣之商業支援服務,包括:免費政府注冊、免費營商顧問. 保證能替創業者及大中小型機構提供稱心的服務。






Cheapest Fee Virtual Office in HONG KONG, because the automated service


Our office to provide a "one-stop" total solution service for the employer, the service category including provides the Virtual office and the service type office for the visitor and so on .Besides these basic categories, also provides all kinds of commercial support service, including: The registration company, the free camp discusses consultant. The guarantee can provides the gratifying service for The pioneer and the major and medium small organization.The pioneer often for rents the huge fund which the office and purchases it to form a complete set needs to meet each kind of difficulty, considered the pioneer saved the expenditure heart to promote this company's establishment .Collects fees cheapest, simultaneously to provide the automated service, reduces the manpower to make a mistake.Each household independent air conditioning, the entrance guard brush the card turnover, 24 hours may work overtime. 24 hours securities and video recording, making high quality security work environment.Rises to collect the office unique merit, the position is in Kwai Fong, the fragrant industrial district, is equipped with the large-scale freight vehicle clock berth, the large-scale goods elevator, convenient customer transportation and rise and fall large-scale cargo .The non-general commercial building can achieve.The Virtual office service provides free Locker independently, the non-general business center may provide.